Friday, August 1, 2008

Tyler MFA Sculptor Andrea Biblioni Awarded Joan Mitchell Foundation MFA Grant

All of this is stolen from the Tyler website! Just reposting here to congratulate!

Descend, installation with Styrofoam, 38 x 14 x 8 ft, 2008. Night view. This installation of steps was created for an empty pool in the Lighthouse Community Center. The pool is 70 feet long. It's greatest depth is 8 ft, and its shallowest is 3 ft. The Styrofoam is weighted to the bottom of the pool with an internal structure of wood, bricks, and sandbags. Photo by Armando Morales.

The Tree House that God Never Built, 8’ x 6’ x 8’4”, mixed media installation, 2006. This small room was erected inside of a larger space of about 10 x 14 ft. The viewer enters through a door. A real tree limb was bolted to the floor in this installation. Cylindrical pieces of glass were inserted into the ceiling and light was directed through them to create the impression of starlight. Photo by Armando Morales

The Annual MFA Grant Program was created in 1997 to help MFA painters & sculptors in furthering their artistic careers and to aid in the transition from academic to professional studio work upon graduation.
Each recipient will receive an MFA Grant in the amount of $15,000. To date the Joan Mitchell Foundation has awarded 133 MFA Grants. These grants are given in recognition of artistic quality to artists chosen from a body of candidates put forth by nominators from the academic art community across the United States.

Last year, Two Tyler students were the recipients of this award:
Natasha Bowdoin, MFA Painting and Asuka Goto, MFA, Sculpture

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