Monday, November 17, 2008

Studio Visit: Caitlin Abate

Caitlin Abate is a first year grad student in the sculpture department, she drives the Cadillac you might see in the small or large parking lot. She is building a structure in her studio, right now it is only one level but when we move to the new building and her studio will have no ceilings she will be building it up to three levels tall. I asked her some questions.....

What are you working on?


What are you excited about right now?
The development of inter-galactic space travel with an emphasis on the physics of pertaining too massive warp speed

What is your favorite sport
Recently this summer I became the number one international competitor of the sport Spur-Bo-Peez its a combination sport involving Spurlunking, Bocce Ball, and the Trapeze with an emphasis on a mixed martial art performance. Spur-Bo-Peez was actually going to become the 200th introductory sport in this year's Olympics, however a late July accident involving a loose Bocce Ball, faulty wing nut, and some frayed climbing wires killed he previous number one international ranked competitor of the sport. Unfortunately the games commission removed the sport from the Olympic circuit deeming it unfit for international competition. Fortunately for me I was catapulted into the top seed position after this unfortunate accident and myself and fellow Spur-Bo-Peez are confined to performing this overly competitive tasks in back alleys and old mobster basements trying to keep the tradition of this great sport alive.

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