Friday, January 1, 2010

DCCA Open Call for 2010 Members' Juried Exhibition.

Mark your calendar
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Postmark deadline: January 22, 2010

Eligibility: Open to all DCCA artist members

April 9 - July 25, 2010

The theme for the 2010 Members' Juried exhibition examines the possibilities of, experimentations on, and flirtations with what is NEW.

What is NEW can be about testing the limits of known concepts and ideas or about works-in-progress that are still being tested. It can be about subverting conventions. It can be about expanding, mutating, or challenging the premise of what exists or engendering the existence of something that has yet to be. In flexing one's instincts to respond to all else that is new out there in the world, new form or language can also be created.

Guest Juror Roberta Fallon writes, "The NEW signals something that is fresh and risk-taking, perhaps not completely worked out yet but forward-moving." In an art age rife with appropriation, references, as well as exploded and satirized notions of what is novel, the NEW is about fresh courage, bold analysis, burning curiosity, and stubborn will to chart new territory.


Roberta Fallon is an art reviewer for the Philadelphia Weekly and writes a weekly column of reviews and features about art and artists in Philadelphia. Fallon has published articles in numerous publications including Art on Paper, Artreview, Art and Auction, Artnet, and The Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday Magazine. In 2003, she and Libby Rosof launched the online art review publication, artblog(, twice hailed as one of the best art blogs by Art in America. Fallon and Rosof were each conferred an honorary doctorate of fine arts by the Moore College of Art and Design last year for their accomplishments and committed championing of contemporary art in Philadelphia.

Click here for a printable PDF Application.

For questions, please contact Samantha Fruchtman, Curatorial Coordinator, at
302-656-6466 x 7112

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