Monday, March 17, 2008

A show opportunity for 1st year MFAs!

The first year painters got an e-mail sent to us about an upcoming show at Rebekah Templeton Gallery. The show is a survey of what first year MFAs in the Philadelphia area are up to, and will be up during May. The show is curated By Todd Keyser, who previously spent three years curating at Seraphin Gallery.

I e-mailed him to find out about it, and it is not just open to painters! It's all media, so everyone can submit work. According to Keyser, "The theme is really just a kind of general survey of what Philadelphia MFA's are up to. So I am looking for artists who are exploring what ever they are working on towards their thesis work. As for the size of the work, nothing over 60 inches, only because the space is small and we want each artists individual works to be able to breath."

Work should be submitted by the end of March, e-mail your statement and j pegs directly to the curator at
tgkeyser (at)

More exposure for you, if you want it!

***update: information via questions, "We are open to wall, floor, and video. We strongly encourage as much experimentation as possible." Mike Treffehn who asked about this mentions, "If anyone else is going to sumbit vieo, he said we could just upload it to a (or some other similar file-hosting site) and send the link to

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