Friday, May 16, 2008

Art on Paper Magazine - Letters to a Young Artist

So at the end of last semester, I received an adorable mini gift bag filled with chocolates, and to anyone this would be exciting, and I was excited, only I am vegan, so that excitement only lasted so long until I had to find someone else to eat them before I turned into an ex-vegan. The chocolates were a thank you for a job well done, from my semester of teacher assisting for Lori Glessner in Fibers.

This semester, incredibly for me, good luck or something, she got me the small hand held book Letters to a Young Artist which was published by the Art on Paper Magazine. Couldn't have been at a better time, though I think its safe to say we all need encouragement continually. I guess being vegan has its benefits, like swapping out edible gifts for equally satisfying
books. Well its interesting, and I was going to post an entry or two from it but there is a warning in the back saying not to reproduce any part of the book. So you can borrow it.

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