Friday, May 9, 2008

West Prize

So the West Prize is a pretty huge competition with amazing prizes (lots of money). There is an online submission form and its free, and from the time I spent clicking the "click for additional work" button you can submit 6 or more images for FREE!!

A cool thing is that you can see what has been entered and who you are competing with, there isn't much up yet, but its due in October so we have a few months.

Its for painting, sculpture, photography and installation.

The West Prize will be awarded to ten international emerging artists in 2008. The prize will award $100,000 in acquisitions between the finalists and host a finalist TEN exhibition with accompanying publication. A grand prize winner will be chosen from among the finalists to receive a $25,000 cash prize in addition to the West Prize acquisition.

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R. J. Preece, BA ('90) said...

Hi. I found this site searching to find out who the Wolgin Prize winner is... what a fantastic blog!

While I don't encourage receiving general press releases because I work with specific remits, if any Tyler grads are doing specific projects with a social-environmental emphasis, or depicting celebrities, or are doing work with research into mass media dynamics, the designs as well, I'd be really keen to receive contact from those with interest. (These are the specific remits I'm working with for a bit.)

Go Tyler!