Friday, October 17, 2008

Open Studios at Tyler School of Art!!

The night started out with the Fibers Show Opening reception:My work in the show...
Kerry Kolenut, 2nd Year Photo majors picture in the photo studios..Mike Treffehn's studio, terrible picture....First year sculpture grad Caitlin Abate attempted to take Strauss Bourque (also a first year sculpture grad) on a hay ride on her lawn mower, they didnt get very far.
Alida Barden, second year sculpture grad's studio!Hannah Rose Dumes' work in the printmaking studios, second year printmaker
Jenna Price, second year sculpture grad's ever changing studio with human props, Tom Gallagher and Mike Treffehn.
Pumpkin carving was going on the whole time studio visits were happening.
Jenna Weiss', first year painting grad's work from her studio:

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