Thursday, February 12, 2009

About the Exhibition

NEXUS/foundation for today's art in Philadelphia, in conjunction with The Hacktory, presents "Unintended Uses," an exhibition of hacked and repurposed video games, electronics, kinetics, musical instruments, motion sensors, painting, computers, circuitry and public spaces. The artists are utilizing technology as their palette to open up worlds of new possibilities. The exhibition includes Michiel van der Zanden, Don Miller, Reade Vaisman, Sarah Muehlbauer, Kathy Marmor, Fernando Orellana, Zachary Stadel, Wil Lindsay, dylanSnow/Far McCon/Bryce Gibson, Chris Vecchio, Joey Mariano and David Horvitz. (Click each artist's name to see representations of their work and statements.)

"Whatever code we hack, be it programming language, poetic language, math or music, curves or colourings, we create the possibility of new things entering the world. Not always great things, or even good things, but new things. In art, in science, in philosophy and culture, in any production of knowledge where data can be gathered, where information can be extracted from it, and where in that information new possibilities for the world are produced, there are hackers hacking the new out of the old. While hackers create these new worlds, we do not possess them. That which we create is mortgaged to others, and to the interests of others, to states and corporations who control the means for making worlds we alone discover. We do not own what we produce--it owns us."

-- from "A Hacker Manifesto" by McKenzie Wark

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