Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In Limbo

Works from the crafts department's MFA candidates, organized by Katie Miller, juried by Elizabeth Agro, curator at the PMA. At the crane arts building in the grey area, in the icebox will be the traveling exhibition The Love Armor Project.

****The field of contemporary craft is burdened with many questions about its identity; what constitutes craft, where does one place it within the art spectrum and most often asked, what will craft be about in the future? Intrigued by these questions and exploring several others of their own, fourteen graduate students from the Craft Departments at Tyler School of Art decided to look within their own studios for answers. Like many graduate art programs, an unspoken type of segregation occurs between the students of each media causing a lack of dialogue of their artwork, this is a natural outcome of their chosen study of a specific material—metal, glass, clay, wood or fiber. In Limbo is the brain child of and is organized by participating graduate student Katie Miller. For Miller, In Limbo is an opportunity to take the artwork of her fellow students directly from their studios in an isolated academic situation and place their work on view together in an exhibit outside of the University’s walls. Naturally, one aspect of the answer to the question about the future of craft rests with this emerging academic talent. In Limbo provides a glimpse of the current mindset in academia—the use of traditional materials and methods to create untraditional work—as well as what we might expect from the future of craft.

Elisabeth Agro

The Nancy M. McNeil Associate Curator of American

Modern and Contemporary Crafts and Decorative Arts

Philadelphia Museum of Art

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