Monday, June 16, 2008

Natasha Bowdoin - New American Painting

I always like to look in the New American Paintings juried exhibition periodical, mostly because of how many people have a Tyler MFA, and seeing the various styles that come out of other grad programs or regions but also because they have pictures of the artists themselves.

Natasha Bowdoin is a very recent grad of Tyler School of Art's painting program, 2007 to be exact. And she and her work are in the newest New American Painting periodical, #75.

That is very cool, in my opinion, I will be posting the information for applying in the fall, in October, so that more familiar faces can be in this.

Also very cool is that there is an artist using embroidery in this one, I forgot his name but its all about identity and the threads that weave us together, he mentions Myspace and Facebook, which bores me but I think thats probably where his imagery comes from. But its a good thing for us fiber people, if its 2d it may qualify.

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