Wednesday, June 25, 2008

summer slow down.

So lately all of the posts have been calls for work or upcoming events. A lot of the events are Philadelphia related but not necessarily Tyler Grad related or even art related... Any grads have some good stories or pictures to show?

I have been in class all summer long so far weaving weird small tapestry/mixed media things. If you are bored of this blog, look at my website. The news section is updated so you can mark your calendars. Also, all of the names on the right are website links so you can go get ready to crit the newbies work by reading their statements and such.

Or one of the 07 photography grad alum Ivette Spradlin just contacted me to add her site to the alumni list and her work is interesting. I like the anything web project, its nothing containable as in I dont really understand what im looking at. If they are photographs, animations, or things that exist digitally only. I think the images even move.

I hope everyone is having a fun summer!

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