Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Brainstorming help!!!!

Hi Friends!

Well I am in Graduate School in Philadelphia now and I need some help on a project I am working on. I hope you all would not mind taking 3 minutes and writing me a few quick thoughts. Please and Thanks!!!! Really appreciate you all!

I am searching for ideas, icons, associations, stereotypes and images of "Americanism" What is the first thing that screams American to you. Even if it is just the tell that happens when you see an American on the street.

Non American friends what are the ideas that come to mind when you think about America? First things that come to mind... bad or good.... will not take offense. Please dish it!

American friends... what are the ideas you understand us to be viewed by foreigners? Or well what do you think our people represent? Again bad or good.... spill it!

Oh and we can leave out things like Stars, and stripes, dolla bills, red white and blue, statue of liberties etc. but if these are the first things that come to mind... that is cool.. give me the 3rd or 4th thing. Plus anything that can be pictorial is better.... but still just list off what you think of.

Thanks and hope to hear from a bunch of you,
Samantha Hookway

Comment here or email: samanthahookway@gmail.com

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