Sunday, September 14, 2008

Photographs by Anna Norton in Elkins Hall

*up until September 26

Anna Norton received her M.F.A. in photography from Tyler School of Art and her B.A. in anthropology from Tulane University. After beginning her career in archaeology, she attended the Maine Photographic Workshops six-month Resident Program to focus on her interest in photography. Currently she teaches as part-time professor at University of the Arts, Arcadia University and Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. She also is the Assistant Visual Resources Curator at Tyler School of Art. She exhibits in group and solo exhibitions both regionally and nationally, including About Love at Nailya Alexander Gallery in New York and a collaborative video installation called Living Space at Eastern State Penitentiary. A selection of Norton's work has just been published in Elements of Photography by Angela L. Faris-Belt.

This image is from the series Reckoning, 2007:

As a landscape photographer and native southerner transplanted to Philadelphia, I am exploring the relationship between place, home and cultural identity. The process of learning to see this new place photographically is revealed through the heavy shadows, broken and animated by light and color. Rather than being about geography, these images are about navigation through space, literal as well as metaphorical, in response to place. They represent an internal landscape and illustrate the difficulty of seeing clearly in the present.

These images are captured with a low-resolution point-and-shoot camera so that I can respond intuitively and spontaneously to a quickly changing environment. The resulting digital artifacts create image texture, which refers to both painting and the vernacular photograph. The absence of clarity reflects the internal process of reckoning.

Two other series are included in the show: stills from the video installation with Johanna Inman, Living Space, 2008 and Road to Stillmore, 2007.

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