Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Artblog's Libby and Roberta, well press in general, got a hardhat tour before all the grad students have been able to even get in the building. Though its true we have been able to access very outdated blueprints of the place, all the planning has been done from a place high in the sky or deep in the ground or somewhere that is dark and creepy or at least far far away.

It all seems very detatched for some reason, THE MOVE. Its like THE FOG.

I stole some pictures from Roberta Fallon's flickr page, they should all link back if you click on them so you can see more, I included, the entrance picture, an aerial view of the whole building, the atrium and of course one of the new fibers studios complete with floor to ceiling windows and walls with only usable pinning/tacking space from 4'-8' and a personal sink for who knows what purpose. Maybe I will stop spilling mugs of coffee on the floor because I will have a convenient place to dump them? Probably not.

Despite all my fears and all the things that are already going wrong, are not ordered, not having studio access over winter break, not having sane faculty this semester because of this craziness, well despite all of that and much more, the building is incredible to look at from the road. So I am sure it will be worth it to deal with all of this all for ONE SEMESTER access to the damn place. It better be good.

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