Monday, December 15, 2008

anyone else wonder why there were Andy Warhol paintings for sale for $150 at the Grand Small Works show? Well it was part of this show, no wonder the labels were up(!), and not the Grand Small Works show. It all makes more sense now!!

ERIC DOERINGER: Bootlegs, Homages, and Recreations November 7 — December 28, 2008>> The FUEL Collection is thrilled to present a solo exhibition featuring the bootleg paintings and radical artifacts of Eric Doeringer. Crafted in imitation of the originals, Doeringer’s Bootlegs copy the work of over 100 contemporary artists; from Baldessari, Barney and Bleckner all the way Judd, Katz, Kippenberger, Kawara, Koons, Levine, Prince, Richter, Walker and Warhol; his paintings recreate murals of Saddam Hussein that were defaced by American troops in Iraq; his fraudulent VIP cards and collection of admissions stickers from the Whitney Museum comprise a collection of artifacts that employ his paradoxical “aesthetic strategy.” Doeringer’s work is characterized by contradiction: he, the artist, is crafting objects which can be used for their face value, the value for that which they depict—an admission sticker, a VIP card—but only at the expense of its value as an art object. In being an artist, Doeringer endows value onto the pieces by producing them, yet challenges the viewer to make use of them and simultaneously comprise their efficacy. An Honors BA graduate from Brown University MFA holder from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Doeringer has hosted other solo exhibitions in Soma NYC, Apex Art, and Katharine Mulherin (Toronto, Ontario) while also participating in innumerable group exhibitions and art fairs. His work has traveled as far as Leon, Budapest, and Paris. *Visit for more information*

Also, the GRAND SMALL WORKS show has been extended almost another month, and they now have all of the artwork labeled and priced accordingly.

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