Sunday, December 28, 2008

Because ten heads are better than one… (little berlin seeks new members)

A time of change is in the air in our country and at little berlin. We are reformatting the gallery and forming a new creative team and we would like to extend an invitation to you to join our newly collective organization. As an independent, DIY art venue, we have held monthly exhibits in our gallery space for just over a year now. It has been an enormous success for us, and we want to continue to give artists and curators as much freedom as possible to explore new ways of expression. We feel the best way to do this is to get a few more dedicated people involved in what we are doing.

How it works:
• Each member will be given complete creative control over a month during our yearly season.
They will be free to curate and organize an exhibit/performance/community event of their choice.
• Exhibits will be voted on by all members of the collective before final approval.
• Work of all types is permitted.
• Members will have the opportunity to use the gallery space for temporary or short-term projects during our winter off-season,
and a traveling show of members' work will be organized annually.

Important: While we do not prohibit members from exhibiting their own work when appropriate, we are not looking to give members solo exhibitions or to continually feature the work of little berlin members only.

• We allow and encourage our members to curate shows that include the work of non-members. We feel it is beneficial to everyone involved and to the art community of Philadelphia to remain a venue that never does the same thing twice. We will be able to achieve a wider variety by remaining inclusive with our shows.

Member Requirements :
• Attendance at monthly meetings
• Participation in decision-making
• Gallery sitting shifts during your assigned month (approx. 10hrs/month)
• $25 monthly membership fee.

Who can be a member:
Dancers, writers, visual artists, community organizers, musicians, poets,actors, representatives from other arts organizations, teachers,
performance artists, acrobats, chefs de cuisine, athletes, architects, gardeners, longshoremen, scholars, (anyone)
• Anyone with a strong interest in curating as a medium, whether or not you have experience as a curator.
• Proactive people who are excited for a chance to have their ideas heard, suggestions taken, and opinions listened to.
• People who want to have direct input into a local arts venue and who are excited about helping to build something from the ground up.
• People with varied interests and focuses.

Application Requirements:
• Resume or C.V.
• 500 words describing your reasons for application and participation in the Little Berlin project. This may include but is not limited to a description of special skills and techniques, current interests and major objectives.
• 10-15 images of projects facilitated, managed, coordinated, executed or otherwise related to you with a corresponding list that includes title, medium, date, and description.
• A brief description (a few sentences) that describes an example of an idea for a project or exhibition that can be realized at Little Berlin.

*Application is for a term of one year, after which new members are welcome to apply and current members are eligible for review.

Application Deadline: All application materials are due by February 2, 2009. Applicants will be notified of their application status
by February 13th. All applicants should be prepared to participate in a March 2009 "new member" exhibition.

Please submit application materials and proposals electronically if possible to

Or, if need be, by mail to: little berlin
119 West Montgomery Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Please feel free to reply with any questions or concerns.

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