Monday, March 30, 2009

Studio Visit: Alida Bray Barden

Alida is a second year sculpture grad, who makes very gentle sculptures. She is working on her thesis show just like all the second years but i did a studio visit with her earlier in the semester to see how things were going. Her thesis show is titled Trail Magic and the opening reception is April 10th, 2009. You should all come out to see her work in person! I asked her a few questions and took some pictures....

What are you working on? The beginning of the end.

What are you excited about? Ending the beginning, flashlights, darkness/quiet places, hanging upside down.

Three good things about today. I ate two different kinds of pretzels. I had time to drink a full cup of coffee before I left the house. I used my roller skates.

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Sharon B. Garber said...

Very interesting work! Anxious to hear the stories about your sculptures! Love, Aunt Sharon