Monday, March 2, 2009

waylon bigsby @ RECOGNITION / alternative space

Walyon D. Bigsby is an artist living and working in Philadelphia.  He has a BFA from East Carolina University, and is returning south this year to work toward his MFA at the University of Kentucky in Lexington.

"There is no objection to the idea that technology makes our lives easier.  We find convenience in things that are already made and effortlessly they become a part of our lives.  The problem with this is that we get no engagement out of it.  We usually don't notice this because technology
seduces us with something that seems better: no sweat, improved efficiency, and getting something as a result that is more enthralling than what we could produce ourselves.  Anything that is ready made and comes to us without effort can be a perfect example.  It's an exercise in consumption.  When it happens, we say, after a brief moment of pleasure: "Is that all?" The world is inescapably technological, so the challenge is to find engagement within it.  For me, engagement equals value - making employs the body and mind, and the process of making is a valuable thing that I get to explore in its depth."

RECOGNITION / alternative space 
243 W. Chelten Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19144

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