Thursday, July 2, 2009

3 Headed: Adventures in the land of smoke and mirrors


Rika Hawes, Kim Harty, and Charlotte Potter
26 June 2009
Nike Desis
914.806.4889 /

Exhibition Dates: June 26, 2009, – July 26, 2009 215.740.0819 /

Opening Reception: June 26, 2009, 6 – 10 pm

Gallery Hours: Saturdays 12 – 4 pm or by appointment

FLUXspace is pleased to present Three Headed, a collaboration between Kim Harty, Rika Hawes, and Charlotte Potter. Their show, "Adventures in the Land of Smoke and Mirrors," opens June 27th from 6-10PM.

The event is an experimental journey that explores the subversive nature of spectacle, pleasure and entertainment. Modeled after the structure of the carnival, it evokes such canons as the sideshow, burlesque theatre, and the circus.

"Adventures in the Land of Smoke and Mirrors," also identifies with the Situationalist’s goal of setting up temporary environments towards the fulfillment of primitive human desires. Three Headed uses different optical, mechanical, and technological phenomena to inspire a viewer’s pleasure. "The goal of the show," says Harty, "is fabrication of spectacular representations which become interchangeable with reality." Evolving from Foucault’s concept of the Heterotopias, the artists create environments to transport the viewer to spaces that are both real and illusory, as well as mysterious and otherworldly.

Adventures in the Land of Smoke and Mirrors," is your chance to take a ride on the Love Boat, travel the Mirror Maze, check out the Peep Show, test your skills in the Shooting Gallery, drink from the Fountain of Youth, view the Cabinet of Curiosities, and see the 3 headed adventurers in action.!

Three Headed (Hawes, Harty, and Potter) presents collaborative art events that walk the line- a tight- rope line- between art and entertainment. They work in a variety of media and have also put on the production, "Cirque De Verre, " a hot glass Circus that has been performed at art centers and museums throughout the country. Cirque De Verre has been profiled in Glass Magazine, and recently performed at the Corning Museum of Glass with up coming shows at Goggle works and the Toledo Museum of Glass. In an effort to make performance art accessible to the audience, they combine their postmodern artistic sensibility with the circus, which Vladamir Lenin referred in 1919 as “the people’s art form.”


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