Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Temple University needs your help right away. Call or e-mail your Pennsylvania state legislator this morning.

As you may have read in the newspapers, the entire Commonwealth appropriation for Temple University, approximately $175 million, is in jeopardy in the House of Representatives. The loss of the Commonwealth’s support would be a devastating move that would have a dramatic impact on the university’s students, employees and alumni.

The impact on our students could be particularly devastating since they could see their tuition rise by almost $5,000. In an economy like this, a 45 percent increase in tuition will damage the lives of students and their families for years to come.

The impact would not end with our students. There also is the potential of job cutbacks, a reduction in research and the elimination of projects that make Temple an economic engine for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Temple University is vital for Pennsylvania. We take great pride in providing an excellent public education for more than 27,000 Pennsylvania students at an affordable price. We also have become a critical driver in the region’s economic development, as an incubator for human talent that has a positive impact on the city of Philadelphia, the Commonwealth and the nation. As we work together to survive the worst economic recession in 60 years, institutions like Temple are more important than ever.

I urge you to get involved on behalf of Temple University and call or e-mail your state legislator now. A vote could take place as early as 11:30 a.m. today, so immediate action is critical. You can find the e-mail and phone number of your legislator online. Sample messages and an online form are available here, if you need them.

Thank you for your continuing support of Temple University.

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