Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Hey All,

I entered a portfolio in the Artist Wanted "Exposure" competition. In line with the entry they make what you have entered into an online portfolio, for which they are giving a $500 prize to the artist whose portfolio is the most popular, i.e. the most visited. Help me out! Please visit my portfolio! I'll buy the next round!

PS I've been researching sea monsters -- this one is REAL! Happy swimming!


erin m riley said...

what makes a monster real or fake?

Tamsen said...

In this case I meant "real" in the physical sense.
This one you can physically touch and it could physically touch you with weight pertaining to its physical body.

As far as the idea of monsters in general - there are a lot of different ways for them to be real, and I suppose given your personal perspective - ways for them to be considered "fake" by you, "real" to someone else - or vice versa

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