Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kari K Scott - Introduction

So I figured it would be reasonable to introduce the incoming grad students at Tyler School of Art, to the world via the Tyler Grad Blog. I sent them all the same questions and Kari K. Scott responded first! She is a fibers major, like me, that means she is on the ball or something. There are pictures at the end of the post if you don't feel like reading!

Major at Tyler:
Fibers (Crafts)

Where did you get your undergrad? Are you coming straight from undergrad? If not, where have you been during your break from school?
I went to Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) part time and graduated in May 2007. This was the second time I was in school, and the 6th college I attended. I started at VCU with almost 100 credits, but it took me 5 years going part time to finish. They made me take the entire freshman foundation year over, even though I'd had enough art credits so I skipped most of the sophomore and junior years. SO I was a freshman and a senior.

I worked at VCU full time the entire time I went there. I started as the secretary for the Vice Provost for Technology, but I was bored and started doing manuals to teach people how to use the technology, since the geeks in the department just assumed everyone could do it, but people couldn't figure out what to do. Eventually, she saw a need for someone to market our services to the university community, so she created a marketing job around my skills. So for the last 3 years I've been a graphic designer and (non)technical writer for the technology group at VCU, and I create ads, postcards, web sites, tip sheets, how-to guides, and marketing materials for the VCU community about technical stuff.

Do you believe the rumors you have heard about Tyler?
Oh, I wish I heard them. Are they juicy? Do tell!

What is one thing you cant live without in the studio?
My iPod. But I listen to podcasts more than music. I can't figure out why. I also listen to a lot of audio books. Most of the manual creating work I do is really boring and repetitious, so it helps.

Have you been given any advice as you leave your home, move to Philly/come to graduate school?
Throw out crap. I'm a pack rat, so getting rid of stuff is really hard. I've lived in the same cramped apartment for 7 years, so I've collected a lot of stuff. Since I'm older, I've accumulated more--real furniture and appliances. I don't need my kitchen stuff where I'm moving, so figuring out what to sell and what to keep is hard.

I hate Richmond, and I've hated it the whole time I've been here. I'm really looking forward to living in a real city again. I'm from the bay area of California, and lived in Seattle for 12 years before moving to Richmond to go to VCU.

Any extra thoughts, what are you eating, obsessed with?
Right now I'm probably obsessed with food. I joined WeightWatchers about 8 months ago, and have lost a lot of weight. My current work is related to this--it's about body image as I come to grips with my body and my weight and losing the weight and eating better. I've been reading around this, as well--I recently finished The Omnivore's Dilemma and I want to work at more intentional food choices. But Chocolate is a hard thing to work around, and I have a real sweet tooth. Sugar is my next big thing to work on.

You Too, Can Be Fat Like Me
hand and machine knitted sweater (self portrait).

Tattoos for Wimps
I've been facinated by the tats my fellow students have, but I cannot bring myself to get one. I think this is a generational problem.

So Ya Wanna Look Like Robin Williams?
No idea where this came from. Just think it's so funny that he's so hairy.

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