Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sarah Muehlbauer - Introduction

Sarah is the other incoming fibers grad, we went from being the smallest major at 4 grads to still being the smallest major at 3. Eeek! But next year everything will be evened out with two incoming rather than one. Anyways, she is an experimental fibers artist and I am very excited to have her coming into the program. She sent me a video too, but for some reason google wont let me upload it. So you'll have to check out her flickr page.

Your name:
Sarah Muehlbauer

Major at Tyler: Fibers

Where did you get your undergrad?
I got my BFA at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. The Art department there is very separate from the Textiles dept., and the majority of my training is in painting and video. Fibers has been with me since childhood, however, and I’m happy to be coming full circle to focus on it. I’m working to combine video with my textile work by creating wearables that I can perform with/make videos out of.

Do you believe the rumors you have heard about Tyler? No, not really.

What are several things you cant live without in the studio?
My sketchbook, needle and thread, a variety of strange found objects, music, and good reading material.

Any extra thoughts, what are you eating, obsessed with, or explanation of your pictures?
Eating lots of watermelon.
Obsessed with yoga.
These are a few recent works. The wax paper dress was for a performance/video piece that I made this spring. The others haven’t been used in performance (yet…)
You can see part of it on my flickr page.

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