Monday, July 7, 2008

Samantha Hookway - Introduction

Your name: Samantha Hookway

Major at Tyler: Incoming Glass Grad

Where did you get your undergrad? Are you coming straight from undergrad? If not, where have you been during your break from school?
The Ohio State University BFA 2005

Most of the time spent between Columbus Ohio and Philly has been in Stockholm Sweden. There, I spent 2 years at Kungliga Konsthögskolan (The Royal University College of Fine Arts)... in the "Free Art Department," but my professor was a sculptor and so I could probably replace "free art" with "sculpture." This school in Sweden was incredibly free, too free maybe. I made what I wanted, they gave me most of the supplies but we had no Crits and well that meant that there was not much talking between even the students. Crit was like a bad word. I am looking forward to Tyler for the opposite effect!

Stockholm was a beautiful city to spend two years though, I made some great friends, collaborated with some artists... attempted to learn Swedish. I miss it!

Do you believe the rumors you have heard about Tyler?
I have not heard any rumors...or at least what I would call rumors............maybe that the craft crits are harsh.

Have you been given any advice as you leave your home, move to Philly/come to graduate school?
Consider the next two years as an entity to your Research and Art. (often wonder if he meant entirety instead of entity but the switch of the word makes it a bit more interesting).
Grad school is for ass kicking.
Take a seminar class with Philip Glahn but beware it is a lot of work.

What is one thing you cant live without in the studio?
I am thinking my iPod is pretty important for the studio (same reasons... I listen to podcasts and audio books frequently too... it keeps you working... music sometimes makes me switch my tune every 3 to minutes). Oh but I also cannot live without a butter knife in the hot shop... and there is one particular wax tool (dental tool) that if I lost it... I would be lost.

Any extra thoughts, what are you eating, obsessed with?
Currently, I am obsessed with working out... mostly because I cant really do much for 2 more weeks and I am stuck out in the country at my parents home! I am suffering from a stress fracture in one of my feet. I was put over the edge at the Chicago O'Hare where I was sent from gate to gate to gate while carrying as much as I possible could carry (acting like it was light but it was about 30 or more pounds of glass). Turns out, that made a little tear on one of the bones of my feet!!!! So I have had to stay off it and try not to re-injure it.

Middle Magnification

My Half of a Collaboration with Fredrik Nielsen Ophelia (Before Fredrik)

My Half of a Collaboration with Fredrik Nielsen Fredhead 2/3 (Before Fredrik, pink and green) and Shaping an Ego (A Fredrik Remelt, black)

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