Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stoöp III

Stoöp III: Und Another Conversation About Art, Theory, and Politics.

This Stoop's topic: "On Commitment"

Monday, July, 14; 6pm-9pm
Tuttleman 309, Temple Main Campus

Please join us for STOOP Nummer Drei to discuss the role of the artist and academic in contemporary culture. Inspired by Theodor Adorno's essay, "On Commitment," wherein the German philosopher aims to articulate a politically active form of cultural production somewhere in between the traditionally opposing poles of disinterested passivity and agitprop, this third installment of Tyler's critical gathering coincides with the anniversary of the French Revolution and will focus on the "contracts" (or lack thereof) between makers and takers, thinkers and shakers, producers and consumers.

Below please find a link to a short essay discussing Andy Warhol and Joseph Beuys who arguably took extreme positions with regard to the artist's social, cultural, and ideological role. As we assume that Warhol's work is familiar to all but Beuys' maybe less so, further links lead to some general information and a few examples of the latter's sculptures, drawings, and installations.

Please bring drink and food, if you're so inclined.

Beuys of Warhol? by Donald Kuspit

Joseph Beuys Sculpture and Drawing, February - March, 2007, Zwirner & Wirth Gallery

Telegraph Picture Gallery JOSEPH BEUYS

WAC Joseph Beuys Actions

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