Saturday, May 23, 2009

Call for artists (P.I.F.A.S.)

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Date: 2009-05-23, 10:40AM EDT

The Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Studies ( purports to be a reeducation center that exfoliates creativity through the contribution of cultural material. This educational mission is materialized once one considers the 30 plus studio artists practicing under the institution’s roof, as well its methods of “acoustic research” in the form of lectures and performances. This ongoing quest to channel the multiple potentialities of reeducation will navigate a thematic experiment entitled: “The P.I.F.A.S. Towne Project” that will run from July 10th-31st. Roughly defined, this study will test the fields of alternative distribution and marketing practices by transforming artist studios into a network of artist-run cultural and commercial spaces. Beyond this, common space at the Institute will be donated to local artists for an experimental exercise called: “The Queue.” Using the kiosk as its standard-bearer for this project, artists will be given the opportunity to create stations where objects/ideas can be sold or exchanged in an environment that encourages performance.

P.I.F.A.S. is currently accepting submissions from the community of Craigslist to create Kiosks. Of the candidates, two artists will be chosen. A formal mission statement should be sent to: by June 1st.

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