Wednesday, May 6, 2009


In light of last week’s Junto discussion surrounding art criticism in Philadelphia Libby and Roberta have graciously offered me a place on the artblog to gather, edit, and post theoretical writing. I am not an art historian, just an enthusiastic and interested member of the community looking to improve the level of art discourse in our city (and beyond). If the publishers, magazines, and schools are not generating satisfactory pieces of contemporary art philosophy, we will do it ourselves. My hope is that academic discourse can find a foothold along side this vast archive of reviews.

This is an open invitation for ongoing submissions of essays, theses, interviews, and conversations regarding the themes relevant to work currently being created and shown. The goal is to create context. We can better define the space we occupy in the larger art world and develop a vocabulary with which we can discuss each other’s work, advancing our practice.

These thoughts will be held in a new category on the blog called “theoretically,” operating as an autonomous subset of the blog’s content. With the support of contributions and commentary we can theoretically make some progress toward an illuminated Philadelphia.

Please submit your critical writings or inquiries to rickybanister [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thank you in advance,

Rick Banister

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