Friday, February 22, 2008

Post Crit Question

Just wondering how much time you/we/us/them as a viewer are willing to invest in a work of art?

Equivalent of how long it took to make it?
how big it is?
the artist that made it?
the location it is in?
if there is a bench?
if its interesting visually at first glance?
if it smells good?

Do you think these views change from generation to generation, from department to department at Tyler specifically or in the greater art world?

How can an artist require the viewer to spend some time?
How can an arists blatantly ask that the viewer not be apathetic or neutral?

answer, or follow up with more questions...please.


Lauren said...

I think a viewer will stay longer if
it is somehow stimulating (sensually or physically etc) and it is hard to figure out

Kate said...

true, but we hear a lot that the viewer may not be willing to try and figure out something that is hard to figure out. then we hear that things are easy to figure out are one-liners.

i think that you just need to make sure you are happy with the piece you put out in the world, regardless of whether it is accepted or rejected, because otherwise why make it?

Erin M Riley said...

thats what im thinking. there is so much of this back and forth, i guess its all just if you are happy with what you are making at the end of the day that matters...