Saturday, February 2, 2008

Studio Visit: Erin M Riley

Erin is the only first year fibers major, working primarily with weaving. She asked herself three questions that she will ask the other grads when she does a studio visit with them.

What are you working on?
Right now I am working on two things. Over break I made a wall loom in my studio and now I am weaving words on it with wool soaked in white latex paint. I got the words from a craigslist ad I posted about wanting to know the things parents always said in arguments (if you have any, I would like more!). I am also weaving a tapestry on my floor loom, another car crash, with wool that I dyed crazy colors and then I am going to bleach it all out.

What are you excited about right now?
I am very excited that I technically have two looms in my studio now. One is basically strings on nails but its working as a low tech loom. There is something about parallel strings, lots of them, on all sides of you. Its great to lie on the ground and look up at. That, and the fibers symposium is happening soon and the Massart painters are coming to Tyler for the Twofold exhibition. But that stuff is in March, February is just another month to get through.

What did you have for breakfast?
Today I skipped breakfast, I had a vegan chocolate chip cookie that I made and then opted for a vegan chicken patty at the Starving Artist. That place is terrible, but its cheap.

Now for pictures:
Floor loom, dyed yarn.

Wall loom, part of the words...

Very messy desk:

Equally messy yarn closet:

Picture of the beginning of the next tapestry..just blank color for 48"...

.....Then a car crash!
Thanks for looking, I hope to do this for everyone, let me know when you are available!!

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