Thursday, February 14, 2008

Studio Visit: C. Pazia Mannella

For beauty, go to Pazia's studio. She makes beautiful objects and garments out of unusual materials such as knitted or crocheted wire, torn material or sewn zippers. Its also worth mentioning that the way she says "garments" is unlike any other person I have heard (in a good way). She is a second year fiber grad, that means we share a studio and I get to hear her talk about her art quite frequently, and garment is a frequently used word. Her performances are spectacular and always make me feel a bit or a lot uncomfortable, but I have come to realize that is almost the point.

What are you working on?
I am currently making a collar made from zipper tape. I've used this material before but I would like to push the limitations of the zippers. I am planning a performance and searching for mirror beads to use in a crochet piece. I am also thinking about creating a flip book.

What are you excited about right now?
My new sewing machine, the books Extreme Beauty; The Body Transformed by Harold Koda and Fashion at the Edge by Caroline Evans, thinking about buying a computer (I've never owned one before), and puppet theatre.

Bottle or can soda?
Can -- but I call it Pop, not soda, preferably Ginger Ale

Studio Shot:

Sewn zipper collar, in progress:

Beautiful detail:
Costume/garment graveyard:

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Bob Walton said...

Now that's creative. I wish you success.