Thursday, February 14, 2008

Studio Visit: Joan Dreyer

Joan is a second year fibers grad. She has the smallest and cleanest fibers studio because she mostly works from her studio at home. She is based in New Jersey and makes the commute to Elkins Park to get her on campus studio time in a few days a week. Her work has been facilitated from found x-rays and she has been working with the topic of war ever since her first year in grad school here at Tyler.

What are you working on?
My current work is politically oriented. It is a response to our involvement in Iraq. I want to draw attention to the collective anxiety that is a result of a war being fought at a great distance with unclear motives and no resolution in sight.

What are you really excited about right now?
I'm excited about getting my work off the wall and allowing it to become more sculptural.

Worst Habit?
I often self-censor and talk myself out of ideas before I even try them. I'm getting better at quieting the conversations in my head and just moving forward and making the work.

The overall view of Joan's Studio:

Her work with xrays:
Large image printed on fabric, cotton probably:This chain is one of my favorite things in Joan's studio, its dirty and scary and yet really beautiful:

More x-rays, it looks like a dentist's office!

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