Monday, February 4, 2008

Studio Visit: Kate Dowell

Kate is a first year ceramics artist. Her studio is almost as small as her, its located near the asexual bathroom near the ceramics rooms. She works from the body, though never worked so much from the body until she came to Tyler. I asked her questions, the third question changes every time (if you hadn't caught on).

What are you working on?
In clay, I am working on a figure in the "tornado safety position" which for me, as a child, was a position that invoked anxiety and dread. More importantly its a position of an anticipated attack. The carving represents a problem or disorder from the mind taking over, and the figure knows it, hence the position. So I guess its about trying to protect yourself from what you know is coming, what you are predespositioned for, but letting it happen at the same time. I'm also working on wire and paper self-sculptures from my measurements that are see through and I am researching psychology -- especially interested in heuristic vs. algorithm logic.

What are you excited about right now?
Spring. I'm tired of being cold. It sucks. My studio is cold. I'm excited about my classes too.....but it is still early in the semester. :)

Can you make a cake?!
Well, from the box yeah. Not from scratch. When it comes to decorating however, I think I'm pretty good. (she is good...some of her work from first semester was very cake-like)

General Studio Shot:

I like seeing what people pin up in their studios, inspiration, pictures:
The current work of art:
Pictures from her 15 credit review:

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Kate said...

while the third question does change...they have all been food related so far!