Thursday, February 28, 2008

Studio Visit: Tamsen Wojtanowski

Tamsen is a second year photography grad. She works in a studio off campus because she makes the stuff she photographs and wouldn't be allowed to make as big of messes on campus in the shared photo grad studio. Her artwork is very interesting, she makes multi layer photography with all sorts of techniques. Her responses make me think she should get her own blog. She has a lot to say!!

What are you working on?
Right now I am working on the finishing touches of a group of work entitled "divine lorraine" which will be shown at my MFA exhibition April 2-5th at Temple Gallery on N. 3rd St. Opening First Friday, April 4th from 6-9pm

In these works I started with the building of an instillation of paintings/drawings/constructions/ writings and then use the camera as an additional visual tool to show you what you can't see with your eye alone. Whether it be depth of field, the application of colors or other barrier type materials to the lens, like tape, vaseline, . . . Its all about trying to say something I can't find the words for, I can only feel it. Its about making it right in my studio. Longing for some Big Love, some Big Utopian, searching and not being able to find it, and the frustration in that, the vulnerability and insecurities in wanting.

What are you excited about right now?
I am really excited to start my next works. I feel satisfied with the last and want to go out again and discover something else. I am ready to move on. Once the show is up and down, its going to be a great time of teaching and working without consequence.

I don't have a studio on campus. So I split my work between my backyard, my garage and a studio space I rent downtown from a good friend and fellow grad, Jess Perlitz.

I don't want to search to much, to look for happiness and the answers to desire as if they were the ultimate goal. I think I have made myself more unhappy by searching for a Utopian, for some Big Love, than I would have been if I just settlyed in to what is around me, the good friends and family that I have. The love and peace and memories I carry inside me all of the time, regardless of what is going on in the immediate reality.

I want to enjoy myself and my studio. I can't wait. There are going to be crayons in use and bright colored paints . . .

Biggest pet peeve?
I hate wet paper towels. They make me gag. But I am getting over it. I am working on it.

My biggest pet peeve -- it makes me crazy that people are so unkind. It doesn't take that much to be kind. I don't mean bending over backwards or putting other people first, just simple stuff. Tipping well, saying please in the cafeteria, not laying on your horn in a traffic jam, just turn up the radio and sing dammit!
Garage as studio:

Desk mess:
Studio downtown:Cyanotypes drying on the line at home:

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