Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Studio Visit: Katie Miller

Katie is a first year glass grad. She works with beeswax castings of her body that she then duplicates/replicates and mirrors, though she is hardly predictable. One of my favorite things about Katie is that she has lots of tattoos and weird things in her ears like me, but we both drive suburban mom cars. I guess having a reliable car is one of those things that goes with being responsible...her studio is awesome, nice and warm but really loud. Those damn undergrads...

What are you working on?
My work is influenced by how the body's posture is reflective of life experience and the emotions within. I am curious of the reoccurring symmetry in nature and use my own body to investigate bisymmetry. I combine these interests to create sculptures reflective of the body's struggle to exhibit emotion as well as perfect bisymmetry.

What are you excited about right now?
Beeswax and contortionists. Cultural politics of body modification, hindu yoga postures.

Where's the best place you've been this year?
Arches National Park and Colorado National Monument

and so it goes......

General Studio Shot, she has the right diagonal half, sharing it with Zach Whitehurst:

Work area:
A piece of her body, beeswax smells so good:Beeswax melter thingy and fluids:

Storage area for beeswax parts, her studio is a treasure trove of body parts, you should go look!

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