Thursday, February 14, 2008

Studio Visit: Jerry Kaba

Jerry is the first boy to have a studio visit! He doesn't win anything, but its just a relief! It felt a little sexist to go on and on about the ladies at Tyler, they are great, but we need some men in this blog! Ok! So he is a second year ceramics grad, he is hooked on clay but should have more fun (in my opinion) he is though, with spray foam, rubber and lots of other weird materials. His thesis show will be interactive (finally!).....

What are you working on?
I am working on an installation for my thesis show April 2nd - 5th at Temple Gallery. The show is tittled "Great Stuff Escaping the Limits of Nature." The installation will encompass the room with playfully yet hazardous objects that can be navigated through n small scooter like objects. I hope to bring attention to the hazards that lie in the "stuff" we surround ourselves with on a daily basis.

What are you really excited about right now?
I am excited about finishing school and beginning my life in a non academic surrounding. Also I am traveling to Japan and hopefully China and Russia this summer which will be an amazing end cap to my 11 year college career. Not knowing where I will be this time next year is very exciting to me and I cant wait to see how things play out.

What do you drive?
Happiness, change, risk and a p.o.s. 1986 Volvo Wagon.

General studio shot, he is in the middle of Cavan and Dylan in the ceramics area:

This is art:

This will be art, is art, needs to be fired:

Desk shot, I must add the radio was playing reggae, a nice touch:

Kaba is way into music, can you tell? Oh and on the left is art:

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i would love to see the bride and groom. my husband has bought me a diferent set every year we have been married. i have 17. they are all sorts. i have quite a collection.